Itinerary For Dreesmann Party As to July 25-26 2009 –composed and submitted
by Sarah-Werbner-Kali – Tour guide, Israel.

Welcome everybody and thank you for your choice.

Saturday July 25:

8:00 : Disembarkation of ship, meeting with tour-guide, Sarah, embarking on coach.
9:00 Drive up on top of Mount Carmel for a panoramic view of Haifa city, its' bay, and the beautiful Bahaii gardens.

9:30 Drive through Zabulun and Jezreel valleys to Nazareth.

10:30 Visit the Annunciation Church, built on top of the remains of the Holy Family's home.

11:30 Drive through Cana in Galilee to Sea of Galilee (lake).
Driving along the sea shores and following the ancient route of the Via Maris, we will visit: The site and the Church of Multiplication of Fish and Loaves; Capernaum archaeological site where Jesus held most of his teachings and preaching; Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus held his famous 'Sermon on the Mount'.
Lunch; at a chosen restaurant close to the lake.

15:30 drive along the Sea of Galilee shores to Tiberius, a resort town with spa. and pleasant beaches, and with archaeological remains of a Roman city.
Proceeding southward we arrive to the Jordan River's outlet from the lake, where we will visit a baptismal site on the river.

17:15 we start driving back to Haifa Port to embark the ship.


1. There may be a change in the order of the visits depending on ship's time-table and/or the chosen restaurant, and according to break demands.

2. There is a possibility to change goals of visit and chose the following: Acre, a small town north to Haifa located on the Mediterranean Sea which in the Middle ages used to be for a couple of years the capital city of the crusaders. That Crusaders' town is lying under the nowadays' town, and was excavated so that it is possible to walk underneath the actual city and reveal a well preserved mediaeval fortress with wide arched halls. Choosing to visit that site will necessarily request giving up one of the sites appearing in the suggested itinerary above.

3. If a fun activity is needed for children (and for adults as well)– it is possible to cross the Sea of Galilee with a boat to the eastern shore (in about 3/4 of an hour).

Day no: 2.

8:00- Disembarkation of ship at Ashdod Port.
8:30- Driving eastward through the coastal plain and further – through the low Judean hills-where in ancient Biblical times used to be the residence area of the Philistines (an ancient folk that does not exist anymore).
Climbing (by coach) through the creek of Bab-El-Wad we reach Jerusalem.

9:30- Panoramic view from Mount of Olives toward the City of David's excavations, where all began, and toward the old city.

10:00 visit Gethsemane Church, where Jesus spent half of his last night praying with his disciples.

10:30 – visit the Old City walking (1.1/2 hours) within the walls: The Holy Sepulcher church, the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa) in the Christian quarter); walking through the oriental markets in the Muslim quarter; visit the Western Wall in the Jewish quarter.

13:30 Lunch in Jerusalem

14:30- Drive through the center of the new city, the western part; through the Parliament (Knesset); the governmental precinct; through the Israel museum to Ein-Karem, a picturesque village, to visit the grotto believed to be the birthplace site of John the Baptist.

Driving through the Judean Mountains foothills and through the Ella Valley where a famous Biblical-period battle took place, and which used to be then the land of the Philistines, down to the coastal plane to reach the port of Ashdod.

18:30- embark ship.


1. Please mind the need to wear modest and covering shoulders and knees clothes (adults only)

2. Include head cover or hats in your wardrobe.

3. Wear comfort walking shoes.

4. The above time-table may change due to any delay (hopefully will not occur)

5. We will try to do the optimum in those tour days.

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